Sunday, August 14, 2011

Are Politicians above Censor Board?

Prakash Jha`s Amitabh, Saif, Manoj and Deepika starrer, `Aarakshan` at last reached the screen all over India except three states of Punjab, Andhra Pradesh and Uttar Pradesh. The film has highlighted the evils on the screen as well as off the screen. The film story is based on caste and reservation in the higher education system in the country, and the ills that beset it.

Off the screen it has shown that no political party honours judgment of constitutionally formed institutes like censor board if it can get any mileage out of the contempt. The film passed without any cuts by censor board met with political road blocks. Besides the three state governments banning the release, any body who could catch media footage was ready to jump and oppose the screening of film.

Saif and Dipika in Aarakshan
Social activist and actress Shabana Azmi wrote on Twitter. "Am outraged that in spite of censor certificate, different groups are trying to prevent its release. Of what use is the Censor Board if after it certifies a film, different groups can prevent it from being released without even watching it! (sic),"

Many who opposed, including former union minister Lalu Yadav, had not even seen the film. Noted filmmaker Mahesh Bhatt tweeted, "We can't allow politicians to stop the release of Prakash Jha's Aarakshan!"

Such protests have resulted in financial loss to the producer. With the star cast and film script the it was expecting a grand opening. But, the opening of Aarakshan was below the mark on day one due to bans in Punjab, UP and Andhra. The first day due to this ban lost around 1.25 crore. From the territory of Mumbai and Delhi/UP were 1.75 crore and 54 lakhs respectively. The all India collections on first two days were estimated to around 10.00 to 10.50 crores.

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