Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Top Hollywood MUSIC Artist Serach in 2011

The guitar hero Les  Paul was at the top in serach amongst music artists of Hollywood during 2011. He died in 2009, but he has lived and performed through google all this year.

He was followed by the British Singer Amy WInehouse who  died of alchol poisoning on 23 July 2011 was at the number two position. This position is in true sense numero uno as Les is a google success. The controversial singer has to her credit  the UK's best selling album of the 21st century - Back to Black.

Winehouse's debut album, Frank, was released in October 2003 and very next year she was amongst the upper levels of the UK album chart. The first single released from the album was the Ronson-produced "Rehab". Time magazine had named "Rehab" the Best Song of 2007. With popularity graph also rose the dose of drugs  which finally took her toll this year. But her popularity did not end.

1. Les Paul  
2. Amy Winehouse
3. Enrique Iglesias
4. David Guetta
5. Eminem
6. Akon
7. Rihanna
8. Michael Jackson
9. Bryan Adams
10. Avril Lavigne