Saturday, November 27, 2010

Amitabh Turns Real Farmer

Big B Amitabh Bachchan finally decided to act farmer in real life. As per
the TOI when AB was in Lucknow in November, he went to his farms and did
ploughing himself.

Big B had bought some agricultural land in Kakori near Lucknow. This time
when he went there with family, he drove tractor for 15 min.

There were controversies about the land he purchased as farmer in
Maharashtra last year.

Friday, October 15, 2010

Can Kangana Ranaut Knock Out competition?

New age tragedy queen Kangana Ranaut is in the lead role in the “Knock Out Movie” opposite Sanjay Dutt. With this fast paced thriller the pair directed by Mani Shankar plans to create an euphoria like Sunny Deol films.

In a very small career on silver screen Kangana has won prestigious Filmfare and National Film Award. She made her Bollywood debut in 2006 with Mahesh Bhatt film Gangster. The film was a commercially successful and her performance was also applauded. For this film she got two Filmfare awards for Best Female Debut and Fairever Fresh Face. She was adjudged best debut actress by Zee Cine Award, Stardust and IIFA.

Hence, her career started to roll further. Two years later in 2008 she won National Film Award for Best Supporting Actress for her performance as a troubled model in Fashion. The film theme was around the dark side of the fashion world. Ranaut's portrayal of a supermodel who loses everything on drug abuse gained her widespread praise.

She was born in a small town called Bhambla in Mandi district of Himachal Pradesh. Her family lives in Mandi. Before joining films Kangana took essential training for Kathak dance and modelling in Delhi. She even joined Asha Chandra's three-month course in 2004 to brush herself to face camera.

"It's been quite a journey...I came to the industry when I was just 17 with no real idea of what to expect. I was fortunate that 'Gangster' was a huge hit at the box office. I won a lot of awards and the industry gave me another chance. Otherwise, Bollywood is an industry that's very unforgiving towards outsiders," said Kangana to a magazine.

The path ahead for her is promising but not easy. The media reports rumour about her troubled relations with Salman and Aditya Pancholi in past. But she is entrepreneur by nature and harbours a dream of directing a film for which she already has a script in mind. She has designed the clothes for her upcoming movies 'Rascals' and 'Tezz'. Other upcoming films of her are : 'Dum Maaro Dum', 'Game', and 'No Problem'

So far, Kangna has got applauds from critics for the performance in 'Once Upon A Time In Mumbaai', 'Fashion', 'Life In A... Metro' and 'Gangster'. Some of the critics find the glimpses of legendary actress Meenakumari in her. Kangana considers Madhubala, Angelina Jolie and Parveen Babi as her role models.


Friday, October 8, 2010

Ramya Krishna – A name unknown after 25 years and 200 films

The glamour world is a place where it takes years to make the name but no time to get lost. Even if she was a niece of the editor of one of the most popular Tamil magazine Thuglak. Cho Ramaswamy himself was a comedian, playwright, lawyer and columnist and a king maker in Tamil politics. His niece Ramya Krishna had become bollywood sensation when she was cast against Vinod Khanna in Dayavan more than two decades ago.

Ramya Krishna

But she got only nine hindi films thereafter including Bade Miyan Chhote Miyan with Amitabh and Khalnayak opposite Sanjay Dutt. She was directed by Mahesh Bhatt in Criminal. It was inspired by the 1993 American Film The Fugitive starring Harrison Ford and Tommy Lee Jones Where she played the role of a sub inspector.

These banners and star cast coupled with the looks of Ramya should have made her in the slot where her contemporary Dhak Dhak girl Madhuri or later Kapoor sisters reached. But it did not happen since critics found her a waxed doll unable to act. Yet she hit a double century of the count of films.

Ramya Krishna was born on September 15, 1970 in Chennai and by the time she celebrated her 13th birthday she was known as the heroine of Mudal Vasantham. The movie released in 1982 when was a student of Std 8th. She first played the lead role in Vellai Manasu in Tamil opposite Y. Gee. Mahendra.

Though the bollywood directors did not find substance in her. Her looks got her work in South India. She acted in all regional language films of southern part.

Her role as Neelambari in Tamil film Padayappa opposite Rajnikanth brought her recognition and fame not only in South India but also internationally in Japan, Singapore, London and Paris. This film silenced her critics. The film was released in Telugu also as Narasimha.

During a span of twenty five years Ramya Krishnan has acted opposite two generations of Telugu superstars, including Akkineni Nageswara Rao, NT Ramarao, Krishna, Sobhan Babu, Chiranjeevi, Balakrishna, Venkatesh, Akkineni Nagarjuna and Jagapathi Babu.

Like Hindi Movies she has not been lucky with awards. She bagged only one prestigious Nandi Award from the Government of Andhra Pradesh. She also received Film Fare awards twice. In 1999 as Best Actress for Padayappa. Ten years later in 2009 for her film Konchem Ishtam Konchem Kashtam she was judged Best Supporting Actress.

She has settled in Hydrabad after marrying Telugu director Krishna Vamsee in the year 2003. The couple has a son named Ritwik.

Friday, January 22, 2010

Salman as Comic-Book Style Hero in Veer

Salman’s much awaited Veer was released this week. Two and a half hour long film fails to impress the audience, though this has all masala, dialogues to draw whistles from certain section and melodious numbers.
**           ***     ***          **

Costume drama Veer is a blend of Manmohan Desai films and and Hollywood warrior flicks. This mega-scale love story written by Salman himself and directed by Anil Sharma as Warrior hero fails to impress with the content quality.

The film is set in pre-independence era and revolves around a warrior tribe Pindharis. Jacie Shroff is villian as the king of Madhavgarh who cheats the Pindhari tribe to get favour of Britishers. Head of tribe Prithvi Singh is played by Mithun Chakraborty. He grooms his two sons – Veer and Punya (Sohail Khan) to take the revenge.

Zarine Khan makes debut as Yashodhara the princess of Madhavgarh. She carries the look fabulously and falls in love with Veer. Display of heavy jewellery to mark the wealth of Rajwada is beautiful. Her resemblance to Katrina was talked about by cine magazines.

There does not seem to be any logic in various patches which are not well integrated but are put just to bring out the heroic qualities of the central character. Be that the a strange swayamvar scene, killing of the wrestler or flared nostrils. Director Anil Sharma had done this before in Gaddar

Jackie Shroff is far off from the villainous presence of Amresh Puri who could leave more impact than hero himself. Mithun has brought the hurting pain of betrayal in his character.

The film can take you to the theaters only if you are hard core Salman fan else can be avoided. He is a comic hero in this film doing every thing successfully and winning over the princess at the end


Thursday, January 7, 2010

Comedy Filled Friday in Theaters

Two comedy movies for the audience this Friday. One is depending totally on the strength of the actor Rajpal Yadav and the other on its banner and theme. First is to woo the struggling middle class and the second targets the youngsters.

***     ***      ***

Two comedy films are getting released today on first working Friday of 2010. ‘Pyaar Impossible’(PI). Directed by Jugal Hansraj is a Yash Raj film. Rajpal Yadav is as Lallan in Hello Hum Lallan Bol Rahe Hain. This week end audience can think of relaxing themselves with light tension free movies.

PI’s story rolls out from the campus of Ankert University, California, where every boy’s heart flutter like leaves in the wind for the most beautiful girl on campus. Everybody dreams of Alisha!. The role played by glamorous Priyanka Chopra.

Uday Chopra has written the script inspired by the old RK banner films and the ambience of its own Mohabattein. He plays the main lead role of bespectacled geek Abhay. He is studying Computers and loves Alisha more than MAC stores. His existence hardly matters for Alisha in the campus.

Abhay falls in deep one sided love. One day he musters up enough courage to go and express his true feelings to her and realizes that it is never going to happen. He comes to terms with the fact that Alisha is a Princess and he is just a Geek. That is when their ways eventually part to justify the title of the film.

Then comes the turn around their paths cross again. The fate again brings him face to face with the woman of his dreams, Alisha. This time to prove man behind those glasses and the deep love to her. The film is clearly targeting the youth without overdosing of messages.

Like other Yash Raj banner music is the positive part of the film. Alisha…Tu Kahan Main Kahan has freshness and the youngsters are going ga-ga over it on FM. Salim-Sulaiman duo has composed lyrics of Anvita Dutt Guptan. Besides the title song is a narrative song Ek Thi Ladki in the voice of a newcomer Rishika Sawant. Jab se tujhko hai jana, dil ne kaha na mana and Alisha sound good to the ears.

Santosh Thundiyil, has photographed to best of the glamour of Priyanka and put her in the slot of Princess of young hearts. The director Jugal Hansraj is known for his animation movies. With this movie he can prove the point that he can handle live characters as well.

Young audience may like this comedy filled romance as somewhere they find themselves as geek as Abhay. The film can give support to the sagging career of Uday and put Priyanka back in race with Katrina.


Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Aamir is Number One Khan

After the success of 3 Idiots and record collection of Rs 240 Cr Aamir Khan is now the undisputed king at the box office. This has broken the records of Ghajni and the film is in the second week.

The other two Khans – Salman whose high budgeted Veer is in pipeline and SRK whose ambitious ventures My Name Is Khan will come screen this year, will have to cross higher bar.

Coming up first is Salman's period drama Veer directed by Anil Sharma and shot with a budget of Rs 50 crore. It’s said that Salman has a personal interest in the film since the story is written by the actor himself. In 2009 Salman had one hit ‘Wanted’ and two flops ‘Main Aur Mrs Khanna’ and ‘London Dreams’.

My Name is Khan releases worldwide on February 12. The film has high expectations as it is jointly produced by SRK and Karan Johar is a comeback by the hit SRK-Kajol and Karan Johar combination.

The film has reportedly been sold to Fox Star Studios for a record Rs 100 crore. SRK’s last venture Billu Badshah didn't work at the box office. To meet the new challenge Shahrukh has also started his Twitter account.

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Sunday, January 3, 2010

New Year Dreams of Dream Girls

New year has just set-in and the celebrities of entertainment business are making sensational news through their blogs or the media. Publicity a must for those who are trying settle in here or want to make a come back.
  ***                           ***                         ***                         ***
The celebrities in glamour business have no choice but to work hard to be in news. For this reason when they announce their new year plans its different from the common man. On her blog Sherlyn Chopra and Pooja Bedi disclosed their hidden desires more to create ripples in the gossip world than anything else.

After getting exit from Big Boss Sherlyn dreams only big. On her blog she wrote, “At this point in time, my thoughts are revolving around big things in life. The bigger the better. Bigger films, bigger cars, bigger house, bigger pay cheques”.

She continues this big chase to her body treasures as well. She mentions that for quite sometime, she had secretly wished for a bigger butt. “Guess, my mind strongly believes that my bum is petite,” she writes and informs that she would fly down to US and meet some highly skilled surgeons and get their first hand opinion about whether or not butt implants are safe to acquire desired result.

She finds Russian Roulette Rihanna’s latest video truly intoxicating where she moves her body under water like a snake. Sherlyn also wants to learn underwater swimming.

Anothet glam doll of past Pooja Bedi wants to start a new talk show in the new year.”I love to talk and get paid so well to do it.. however, I’ve been so busy with reality shows past couple of years”, she writes.

Last year her foundation THE GRASSROOTS FOUNDATION was born. In the year 2010 it is her resolution that it would bring over 500 solid homes, livelihood skills, education and farming reforms to the 5 villages the foundation adopted in Amethi.

If in 2009 she learnt Urdu and got her name linked to Savannah and Adnan Sami. She also hanged around with Hanif, her man of the past. She also painted house of Shekhar Kapoor.

For the new year she is ready for the romance, yet again. “In 2010 I’m going to focus on learning the most romantic language on the planet... Italian”, she discloses her plan and also clarifies,” It is in no way connected to the fact that George Clooney currently has an Italian hand wrapped around his waist.” But she does dream for the man with mould as George Clooney. Man check your romantic mould if it matches try your luck.

Hollywood starlet Lindsay Lohan has resolved to make 2010, a year with “no boyfriends”. The 23-year-old actress posted a picture on her Twitter account and wrote, “Starting my new year off with friends and family, the way it should be. No boyfriends and the other drama.”

Lohan is best known for her troubled romantic liasions in 2009. The actress was dumped by DJ Samantha Ronson in April thereafter this blonde beauty has been dogged by a string of dating rumours with Jason Segel, Entourage star Kevin Connolly, and Gerard Butler. The latest one is Gucci model Adam Senn.

Tisca Chopra, who is known for the versatility in her roles, recently shot for a commercial with Shahrukh Khan. She has a wish to work with Amitabh Bachchan in new year.

She is one of the few actresses who have worked with both, Shahrukh and Aamir Khan. The talented Tisca was last seen in Aamir’s home production ‘Taare Zameen Par’ as the loving mother of Darsheel Safary.

Vidya Balan mother of Auro is also inspired by Amitabh for 2010 action plans., “Watching Mr Bachchan at work I realized that I was going on the right track. Being focused on your work to the point of shutting out everything else is not something I needed to feel guilty about.”

For the new year she has high hopes from the next film “Ishqiya”. Her role is of full-blown, seductive, sexually-charged woman. “It’s a role, character and territory that are totally alien to me. I enjoyed getting into the sensuous space. It brings an entirely new perspective to my personality for the audience. That’s what I’m hoping for in 2010… to find new aspects to my personality through the roles I play.”

For a man in her life she is not as open as Pooja Bedi nor have closed the door like Hollywood actress Lidsay, but is awaiting a man as cultured and suave as Gulzar Saab to change the status from single.